Who is a Blue Satin Bee Client?

A Blue Satin Bee client cares more about the marriage than the party. They love to have fun, especially when surrounded by family and friends. Regardless of the weather or any inevitable wedding day hiccups, the most important part is saying, "I Do".

//  What services do you offer?

We offer Full Wedding Planning, Wedding Management Plus Design, Luxury Elopement Planning and are happy to discuss custom packages that can be tailored to your specific needs (ie. Rehearsal Dinner Planning, Special Event Planning, and Proposal Planning - one of our favs!)

//  How far in advance should I book your services?

We recommend booking as soon as possible, ideally at least 6-9 months before your wedding date, to ensure availability and ample time for planning.

//  What is the typical cost of a wedding planning service?

Our pricing depends on the scope and scale of the services. We offer a complimentary initial consultation after which we provide a detailed proposal tailored to your vision and needs. On average, most of our couples spend a minimum of $400+ per guest.

//  Do you handle vendor contracts and payments?

That depends on the level of service booked. For Full Planning we manage all aspects of vendor contracts and oversee payments to ensure everything is in order and on schedule. For Elopement Packages we are the single point of contact, making payments on behalf of the couple, as one more way to keep things even simpler for them. 

//  Can you plan weddings at any venue or location?

Yes, we have experience planning weddings in a variety of venues, including churches, beaches, historic sites, and more. We are also equipped to plan destination weddings. Please note that some venues may have a specified list of allowed planners. If we are not already on the list, we are happy to inquire with the venue on a case-by-case basis to accommodate your needs.

//  What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule my wedding?

Our contracts include detailed policies regarding cancellation and rescheduling. Generally, we try to accommodate rescheduling based on availability, and fees may apply depending on timing and services rendered.

We're passionate about creating a celebration that truly reflects you as a couple - unique, authentic, and deeply personal.

At the heart of what we do is enhancing your guests' experience with thoughtful design

Our approach is all about building a relationship with you, getting to know your story and style, so we can design a day that's not just beautiful, but also a genuine representation of who you are. Let's collaborate to make your wedding not just an event, but a reflection of your unique journey together.

//  How will we communicate during the wedding planning process?

Communication is key to a successful wedding planning experience. We use email, phone calls, and in-person meetings as needed. We also offer an online client portal where you can check updates and timelines.

//  Do you provide assistance on the wedding day?

Yes, our team will be present on your wedding day to ensure everything goes smoothly. We handle everything from coordinating vendors to managing the event timeline.

//  How many weddings do you manage per year?

Each of our planners lead no more than 10-20 weddings per year. This ensures that every couple receives our full attention and the highest level of service, making each wedding a truly personalized and memorable event.

//  Can you accommodate special requests, such as eco-friendly or culturally specific weddings?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on creating personalized weddings that reflect our clients' styles and values, including environmentally friendly options and cultural traditions.

//  What makes your services unique?

Our dedication to personalized service, our extensive network of high-quality vendors, and our commitment to making each wedding a beautiful and unique reflection of the couple’s love story set us apart.

//  What is your policy on inclusivity and diversity?

We believe that love is open to all and pride ourselves on creating inclusive celebrations that honor the unique backgrounds, cultures, and identities of each couple. We welcome clients of all races, ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations.

//  How will I know my end costs with percentage based pricing?

Although we can't guarantee a precise end cost, we provide estimates based on our experience. You'll receive a standard cost range initially, and as we progress, adjustments can be made according to your set budget cap to maintain control over expenses. Your needs and project scope may change, influencing the budget either upwards or downwards. You will have continuous access to a budget tracker and receive updates during vendor contracting to make well-informed financial decisions. 

//  How do I know you’ll present the best priced vendors if I am paying a percentage fee based on their fee?

Our primary goal is to help you stay within your budget with vendors that match your desired style and personality. Any deviation from this would be reflected in our reviews. You have the flexibility to adjust your budget as needed. We encourage discussing any changes with us so we can navigate the complexities together and prevent any issues. 

//  None of the other planners I am interviewing have a percentage fee structure?

You make a valid point! However, unlike other planners who may feel exhausted and frustrated after events, we remain energized and positive. This is because we price our services based on the value, time, and energy we invest in each event. A flat fee would require us to set rates much higher to cover unforeseen tasks uniformly. Instead, our pricing model ensures that clients only pay for the specifics of their own event, avoiding cross-subsidization due to scope creep in others' projects. Since no two events are alike—for instance, one might involve a $100k budget with 15 vendors and another a $50k budget with 5 vendors—it wouldn't make sense to charge them equally. Being part of a globally recognized Wedding Planning community, we've observed that our model fosters healthier, more equitable relationships between planners and couples, minimizing potential stress caused by perceived imbalances.

Any other questions?
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We turn wedding worries into confetti, leaving you with nothing but joyous moments. 

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